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  • Alexander Philpot

    Director & Finance Manager

    Alexander Philpot

    Finance Manager


    07833 023543

    2014 to present

    Having been approached by Liam in early 2014 in regards to whether I would be interested in partnering him as the heads of Kodiak Security, I naturally saw this as a great opportunity to work with some of the best & most experienced security operatives in the industry. Having been interested in running a business from an early age I saw this as a good way to establish that vision

    I run the logistics & finance side of the company as well as working with Liam to try & expand & build the business to where we want it to go. I am very proud of what myself, Liam & the rest of the team have achieved so far & am excited for the future of Kodiak.

  • Liam Lovick

    Business Development Manager

    Liam Lovick

    Business Development Manager


    07921 253084


    Having grown up being surrounded by the security industry as my dad was always working within the industry; it was almost inevitable that I would go the same route.My teen years and college period was very much behind the scenes and as soon as I was old enough I was sent out to work as a steward at various events across the country, after gaining my SIA qualification I then progressed onto Response teams , Pit work, Gates and so the list goes on.

    Over the years my progress within the field has allowed me to progress and over time I have ran small events or large areas within bigger events. I have an always tried to progress within the field part of my work while observing and assisting my dad behind the scenes as well.    

    Early in 2014 my dad indicated that he was considering a change for himself and would I like the opportunity to start my own company and he would assist behind the scenes, hence Kodiak was born, myself and my business associate Alex Philpot have a company that although only young in terms of company age does have almost 40 years of experience behind it, with some client base inherited from my dad both myself and Alex now want to take the company on to greater things.

    Our business foundation is Reliability, Quality, and above all encompassing all of our client’s needs and concerns, we have an open door policy for our clients and a 24/7 channel of communication. 

    We endeavour to be the best we can be and welcome feedback from our clients on how we can be of better service to them.  Feel free to contact either myself or Alex to see how we may be of service to you.   

  • Kevin Lovick

    Office Manager

    Kevin Lovick

    Office Manager


    07921 253087


    After working in the industry for the best part of forty years as either self-employed or for various companies as a bookings manager and as an on-site supervisor or manager, I pride myself knowing that having covered events across the UK I have the ability to deliver the right staff at the right time to suit every ones needs.  

    After numerous years of doing this I decided it was time for me to take a back seat and give my son Liam Lovick a chance to run his own company, hence Kodiak was born.

    I now work behind the scenes as office/bookings manager with the experience I have gained through the years supplying staff to various clients covering Festivals, Premiership football, Green field and indoor arenas, Door staff, and conference staff, I know I am more than qualified to offer clients for Kodiak Security a reliable staff base to cover any eventuality.

    As office manager I deal with the day to day running of the office along with other staff members Sheila Atkinson in HR and bookings, Oliver Ball admin and on site supervisor, Darren Ball on site company manager, this leaves Alex Philpot and Liam (Company Directors) to deal with all financial matters and building our new client base ready for the next stage of the company’s growth. 

    The company is young and has a vitality to it that businesses need in today’s climate, but it does have years of experience within staff. Feel free to contact myself at any time and I will do my utmost to assist you with your enquiry.         

  • Sheila Atkinson

    Human Resources & Administration

    Sheila Atkinson

    HR and Bookings



    2014 – Present

    I have been involved in the security industry for the last 10 years, previously more in an on-site capacity as a part time steward and eventually after gaining my SIA licence in 2012 as a security operative covering various types of work from, night clubs , horseracing, football and festivals at both indoor arena’s and Greenfield sites.

    When I was given the opportunity to start in the office part time as an admin clerk  I saw this as way of given myself longevity in the industry, this has led to me now being totally involved in the day to day running of all aspects of HR and bookings as well the usual admin and correspondence for the office .with the knowledge I have gained working on jobs  it helps me be productive both with the office and the staff in the field, this invariably does help our clients who can rest assured they are getting the best service we at Kodiak can provide. 

    I pride myself in my work knowing that I give a 100% commitment to all aspects of what I do , if I don’t understand something I’m always willing to learn whether be from my employers or from new industry directives.

    Kodiak is a fairly new and innovative company and I want to progress and grow with them as we move forward together.The industry runs 24/7 and unfortunately for me I can usually be contacted the same, so should you have a need to contact me I will do my utmost to help at any time, just please don’t call at 3am to ask me what the weather is like in East Anglia (it’s always raining)


  • Oliver "Olly" Ball

    Chief Company Supervisor & Admin Assistant

    Olly Ball

    Senior Company Supervisor & Admin Assistant




    I have been involved in the security industry for five years now. From the age of eighteen to start off with I joined Kevin Lovick (in his previous venture) helping in and around the administration and booking roles, during this time I learnt about the complexities of the job.

    Not knowing whether I wanted to work on-site with events or in the office environment, Kevin gave me a slight push into the minibus and off I went and worked my first event. Since then I am now involved in all aspects of the security industry. I am now a very proud member of the kodiak security team helping in and around the office and since having my SIA license, supervising and problem solving to make sure both the staff and client are happy out on the jobs.

    I am always looking to improve my skill set and learn. I'm alway very willing and very happy to venture further into the security industry pushing myself through as many courses in my spare time as I possibly can fit in, with ambitions to manage and control events.

  • Darren "Bally" Ball

    Onsite Company Manager

    Darren Ball

    Onsite Company Manager